Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Winds Over 50 Knots For Local Fishing Boats

Dec. 23, 2005, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico fishing:


This week in the Santa Rosalia fishing area started with more surface yellowtail action and high winds, followed by beautiful weather and slow fishing.

Santa Rosalia weather starting on Sunday was fine. However Monday saw winds to 50 knots and it lasted for three days, making any kind of boating impossible.

From Thursday until today has been some of the nicest water you'll ever see here for this time of year. Air temperatures are in the 50s in the early mornings and 70s for afternoons. Santa Rosalia fishing water Temperatures are at 63-64 degrees with 20-30 feet of visibility and green color.

This week, I fished with Bruce Mullen and his son David and his friend Matt Reed on Vacation from UNA school Annapolis, Md. They hit it right on the head and caught the last day of the late surface bite which followed last week's surface opener on nice yellowtail. The morning bite is a scratch with most boats taking a fish or two by 12 p.m. making most boats head in by then before the tide is too low at the trailer park. However for those who stuck it out, the reward was fish showing on the surface and biting anything in the water. We had only three fish in the morning and once they showed, we put another 8 fish in 45 minutes filling the box and heading back with big smiles.

Then the fishing got windy the next three days and the Mullens had to go. At least they got one good day in.

On Thursday we had the return of "Genie" Richard Eyer. Have you ever seen the old movie "Seventh Voyage of Sinbad"? He was the little boy in that movie! Also was in about 50 TV shows and movies during that time line. Anyway, we fished and found things on the slow side, but still able to catch 4 yellows in the 25 pound class.

Today, Friday, I had my good friend and best captain in the Fisherman's Landing fleet, Captain Kevin Ward, down for the next month with his buddy Paul. It was just dead out here and the reason for it is NO water movement at all, so it was a skunk for the big fleet of boats from all parts. We got lucky with Kevin catching two yellowtail in the 25 pound class, to get him back in the Baja Groove.

Kevin Ward also caught this really weird fish when we were making bait, some kind of deep water fish, in 310 feet of water on the bottom with a Sabiki rig for mackerel. The area was off the sandstone cliffs 2 miles south of Santa Rosalia. Water temperature was 63.7 degrees. It had a strange little flap of skin below the eye. When opened it is very light in color like maybe some kind of light? The fish's head is very boney and hard. The scales are very fine and feel like sandpaper, leather-like to the touch. It also had some very light blue color specks near the belly.

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