Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Yellowtail Fishing Improves With Tidal Currents

Dec. 31, 2005, Jim Anderson, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

Isla San Marcos Mike Kanzler had to go back to the States to attend to some business, but before he left he provided another valuable lesson in the information for fishing at Santa Rosalia.

At the end of last week and the beginning of this week the bite was really slow or nonexistent.

Mike told me that when the tide started to really move, meaning higher highs and lower lows, that the yellowtail fishing would really improve. I filed away the information and decided to keep on fishing since the wind was lower and the sea conditions were good, but the fishing at Santa Rosalia really came alive at midweek when the tides started to run.

I have always thought that yellowtail fishing was not very good on a full moon but was typically very good on a new moon, and figured by my observations that this was due to the fact that when there was good light the fish probably fed at night.

Now armed with Mike's information, I have a new theory that the reason fishing is so good for yellowtail on a new moon is due to the fact of the tides and not the light. This should be a lot of fun to try out the new theories and see if they work next month.

Anyway, at midweek the fish started to bite better than they have all year. They were hitting everything from iron, live bait with a small slider sinker, to flylined live bait.

Kevin Ward, from the Searcher Long Range Boat from San Diego managed to fill out limits with 15 large yellowtail.

Ken Reeder from Montana did a limit in short time, all on flylined bait, and I hit limits several days on the Moosea Boat.

Marika Anderson managed to land a 37 pound 2 ounce yellowtail that really put up a fight and her line had lots of abrasions from the rocky reef when she got the fish boated.

Santa Rosalia fishing weather has been unbelievably warm for this time of the year and we have all celebrated the lack of wind. If this keeps up it may well be the best yellowtail season anyone can remember.

Now, I just hope I catch as many next year as I have managed this year.

Inshore fishing continues to be very good with good catches of cabrilla, spotted bay bass, small "firecracker" yellowtail, barracuda, and bonita.

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