Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Baja California Highway Mex 1 Road Report

Jan. 6, 2006, Syd Lindsay, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico Report:

We just got back for our yearly christmas trip to California. The roads north from Santa Rosalia are good all the way except for San Ignacio, the pot hole capital of Baja.

There is no more Army inspection at El Tomatal, but there is a smaller one at San Agustine, 12 miles south of Catavina. And of course, the Ensenada area check point has moved from Maneadero to the top of the hill before you drop down into San Tomas, and another one on top of the hill at El Rosario, but the don't usual stop car going south.

There are now two gas stations being built in Santa Rosalia. The one two miles north of town finally has pumps, but still needs lots of work, same owners as the one in town. There is a new station breaking ground down by the Marina in front of the canneries, different owners. Keep your fingers crossed.

We also talked to the owner of the gas station at Jesus Maria, and he told us that people from Guerrero Negro were driving to his station to buy there gas because of the rip-offs at all three stations there, which includes the new one at the Eagle.

By the way, the Tamales and Burritos are still great and Carmelita is still the happiest lady in town. We just love her.