Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Sportfishing And Boat Permit Information

Jan. 17, 2006, Syd Lindsay, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

The Mexican Office of Fisheries has done it again. It's boat permits this time.

In order to get a boat permit now you must obtain a 10-year temporary boat importation. This is plus the regular yearly boat permit. Boats under 4-1/2 meters or 14 feet don't need to file for this. But they do need a regular permit. There are no restrictions on pulling your boat back and forth to the U.S.

Since the Pesca office in Santa Rosalia no longer issues Boat Permits and fishing licenses, for the last 2 years Olivia Canul has been doing this in her office in Santa Rosalia for the local Americans and Canadians.

Photo IDs are required for both fishing licenses and boat permits.

All this paper work can be handled in her office at: Calle 8 #41, in Santa Rosalia, or call 011 52 615 152 1399, direct dial from the U.S., or local 152-1399.

It takes about one hour. The latest these offices will issue permits is 2 p.m.

Take the main street into Santa Rosalia until you get to Calle 9, turn left and go 3 blocks to a dead end, and turn left again 1 block to Calle 8, another left to the 4th house on the right. White with white fence.

The fee is about the same as the States. If you need extended service such as FM-3, FM-2, banking, translations, Mexican drivers license, importation of autos, or any problems, lawyers, car insurance, or notary for home buyers, we can help you. Call for an appointment.

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