Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Strong Tidal Currents And Difficult Bait

Jan. 28, 2006, Jim Anderson, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico Sportfishing Report:

In the winter, fishing in the Santa Rosalia area of Baja is sitting around waiting for the wind to stop blowing, then waiting until the tides are right, hoping you can find bait, and then finally hoping that when you get to the Isla San Marcos bajos that the yellowtail will choose to bite.

By the end of the week all of that came to play.

First, we are at that time of the month where tides are really starting to move a lot of water during the morning fishing times.

Second, the bait has been very difficult to make in 300 feet of water north of San Lucas Cove, but finally we have bait at the "Haystack" in large numbers and after the deep bait, we think we have "died and gone to heaven" to fill the bait tank with bait in 30 feet of water.

The yellowtail have really decided to feed actively and they are on top cruising for small squid. They are "breezing" all over the reef and are willing to bite both bait and iron.

We hooked 7 on the Moosea boat, but almost everyone had fish. One panga from San Bruno managed 12 yellowtail for the day after we gave them our left over bait.

Fishing on Saturday saw a change at Santa Rosalia, and things slowed down considerably, but we managed to catch two really large fish and Wild Bill Westendorf from Durango, Colorado, managed a single on iron in a boil.

We are watching the weather and keeping our fingers crossed as next week should be a fantastic bite since moon and tides are lining up to be perfect. We are also hoping to see San Marcos Mike Kanzler return so that we have a boat to "follow around" to all the good fishing.

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