Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Hot Summer Fishing Weather For Yellowtail At The Bajos

June 17, 2006, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico

This was sort of a short fishing week at Santa Rosalia, with a good run and then lots of rest for the up-and-coming 7 straight days fishing scheduled for next week.

The weather at Santa Rosalia this whole week has been hot, in 70s during the early hours and mid 80s to 90 degrees in the afternoons. Some fog the other day made it feel like a sauna. Santa Rosalia had some late afternoon breezes present of 5-7 knots. Water temperatures were 78 degrees for inshore waters and at the island, with spots of 80-82 degrees offshore. Visibility is good at 30-50 feet, depending on currents in the area.

In this week's fishing, I had the group of Steve Walker, Barry Bachrach of Carlsbad, Calif., and Rodney Ferguson of Laguna Beach out for a bajo special.

All three fishermen are avid kayakers and were camping down at Punta Chivato. After a short session catching bait, of bigeyes and mackerel, we made our way out to fish at the 110 bajo north of Isla San Marcos.

We found great fishing on big yellowtail without another boat in sight. But other than yellowtail, we had trouble finding any dorado. It was strange too, with lots of paddies and warm blue water. Happens it sometimes. There are too many weeds and the dorado really spread out, and there is just not enough time to try every patch of weed. We caught 6 big yellowtail, with close to the same number lost, which will have to do.

This coming week should be fun. I have some guys from Saltwater Sportsman Magazine doing a best of Baja section. Looks like I made the cut. Right after that some friends from Florida will be down for the rest of the week.

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