Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Post-Storm Fishing Conditions

July 28, 2006, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Emilia shuts down fishing at Santa Rosalia Monday through Wednesday:

Tropical storm Emilia shut things down for a few days in Santa Rosalia waters.

Monday through Wednesday was stormy and rainy due to Emilia. No damage was done to speak of in the Santa Rosalia fishing area that I know of. After the passing of the storm, the weather has been fine. Air temperatures are still in the 80s for the lows and around 90 degrees for the highs.

Water temperatures after the storm dropped a few degrees, down to 77 degrees inshore and 80-81 degrees offshore. Surprisingly the water is clean too, with over 50 feet visibility and blue color.

My only fishing trip to speak about was for the special COMSA student program that I ran today. We have students from here and other places in Baja come here for a week of hands-on training. A bonus before retuning to school is a day fishing with "ME."

I'm not going to go into much detail with full names. I will say that for three of today's passengers it was their first time fishing open water out of a boat with rod and reel.

It was a good vibe feeling for me, watching and hearing excited teens catching their first-ever fish! It was dorado and the nonstop action made it all the better.

We didn't catch anything over 12 pounds, but who cares really when every bait that hits the water gets inhaled, right?