Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Rare Louvar Caught At Santa Rosalia

Aug. 11, 2006, Ed Hogan, Local Santa Rosalia panguero catches a rare louvar

Yesterday I was stopped by some fisherman that had chased down in a panga and free gaffed this mystery fish [a louvar, Luvarus imperialis]. By the time I got there they had it filleted so I have the picture of the head and the carcass. I will try to describe how the fish looked on video before it was filleted.

The body was shaped close to a yellowfin tuna with the same distinctive bones sticking out by the tail. The fish was kind of orangish pinkish color, as was the tail. The fish had a distinctive head. It protruded similar to a large male dorado. The meat was very white and had great flavor. I got a chance to try a piece of it. The fish was over five feet long and weighed well over a hundred pounds. The video does exist on camcorder which shows the fish before it was filleted. Also I heard there may be a photo taken with a cell phone but don't know for sure.

Yes, it is definitely a Louvar, and of course no one around here has seen any thing like it!!

Ramon Camacho Nieto caught the Louvar Thursday, August 10th, at 10:30 a.m. The location was 300 meters off the playa in front of San Bruno in 15 feet of water. The fish was approximately 6 feet tall and estimated at 80 kilos. By tomorrow, I am sure it will be bigger.

Ramon was on his way in from diving and saw the fish jumping right in front of the beach so they chased it down and free gaffed it. Ramon, who caught the fish, had a buddy of his eat some of it and they checked him after one hour and he wasn't dead. After two hours, he was still alive, and after three hours all the pangueros had Louvar tacos! Ramon said it was very tasty!

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