Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Pre-Storm Fishing For Sierra And Dorado

Sept. 2, 2006, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia, Baja, Mexico:

I arrived back at Isla San Marcos on Wednesday and had an uneventful drive down Baja. And after reading all the negative stuff on the web forums the past month, that's just as well.

Before John reaches the Santa Rosalia area, it's been just hot and humid. Air temperatures are in the high 90s, but it feels like 110. Right now it's raining and cooler in the 70s.

Water temperatures are very high and with all the surge from the storm, the sea water level for the high tide is about 2 feet above where it should be. Water temperatures are presently 87 to 88 degrees with very good visibility of 40-plus feet.

There will not be much fishing here for the rest of this week I'd say.

I did take a before-the-storm run yesterday evening with my son Michael for all the sierra I've seen boiling between Isla San Marcos and San Lucas Cove, about 1 to 2 miles in front of San Bruno.

Armed with Yo Zuri HM 4-3/4 inch plugs we dragged the area. Action was good with 10 sierra and one small dorado. Far more fish were seen jumping and feeding than biting. I think it had to do with what the fish were eating, small 1-inch sardina was the food. For that reason, few jig stops were at hand.

I'll be here in the Santa Rosalia area for another week or so, and then it's over to La Bocana on the Baja Pacific coast for the rest of September.