Santa Rosalia, Mexico:

Fishing In Settling Waters After The Storm

Sept. 8, 2006, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia, Mexico:

After the storm, Santa Rosalia has windless days in the 90s. Humidity is strong due to mass water vaporization from all the water dumped during TS John. The fishing water is still dirty with lots of floating debris. Be careful boating in low light hours. Water temperatures are down a little to 82 to 83 degrees.

I've fished two days so far after the storm. One fishing trip was a quick late afternoon run to see if the sierra were still in the area since the storm. They were present, but due to very cloudy water, bites were few and far apart. We did manage to catch a few sierra, plus four small dorado off a debris line 2 miles northwest of Isla San Marcos, at the town proper, putting us more or less in the center of Craig Channel.

My other fishing run was yesterday. It was my first fishing trip since I got back to Isla San Marcos last week. All in all, it was slow, with the water cloudy and unstable.

It will likely take a little longer for this area to flush itself out. I did get one nice eater sized Gulf Grouper of 30 pounds and a few bass, and also a stray small Almaco jack of 10 pounds. Bait was still available off the San Lucas Cove spit in 30 feet of water.

There are not many people down here yet and no one fishing that I've seen or heard. There's a kind of eerie silence around here.

Now about the storm John...urgggg. Everyone and everything here on Isla San Marcos was generally okay other than minor water damage.

We got slammed for about 7 to 8 hours, winds in the 40 to 50 range did some of the damage, but the rain was the killer. We faired okay. Santa Rosalia has power and cell phones are up. The road is closed north of Santa Rosalia at San Ignacio. Power and water are out south of Santa Rosalia in all the towns.

Mulege on the other hand was not good. I have about 6 threads going on Bloodydecks, and with pics on most. The day after the storm hit, I ran a "Mulege Relief" thread and it's really getting things going with much needed help. Discover Baja and Baja Bush Pilots have jumped on board because of it. It will be awhile for Mulege before it returns to normal.

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