Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
New Website For Mike Kanzler's Isla San Marcos Fishing

Sept. 21, 2006, Mike Kanzler, Santa Rosalia, Isla San Marcos, Mexico:

After years of being asked, I now have a website,

Santa Rosalia weather is still hot, with not much wind other than some westerlies blowing in the early morning. Change is in the air. Morning air temperatures are in the 70s, with afternoons in the mid 90s. Humidity is a bit lower this week, maybe 50 percent or so. Water temperatures are still at 83-84 degrees all around, with good visibility of 30-40 feet and blue color.

Fishing around Isla San Marcos has been slow.

I did fish a few days, once at Tortuga Isla and Isla San Marcos with my good buddy, Doug Moranville of La Jolla, Calif., and again the other day just trolling small plugs out in front of the house for Sierra.

Sierra bite is very good right now in the Santa Rosalia fishing area. Good locations are, in no particular order, the south end of San Marcos Island, the Baja coast north and south of San Bruno, and the rock spit north of the San Lucas Cove trailer park. Size is nice with a 3-6 pound average. The best lures have been Yo Zuri HM 4-3/4 inch.

On my Tortuga trip, I made the bait off the San Lucas Cove trailer park and headed out for reptile island. There was not much of any life out there. Fishing totals were 3 leopard grouper at Tortuga, and 3 more, a sawtail grouper and goldspotted bass at Isla San Marcos. Doug did get a nice leopard grouper of 15 pounds to top the slow day off. All the fish were caught using live Bigeye Scads and dropper loop rigs.