Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Governor's Cup Baja Sur Fishing Tournament Held At San Bruno

Oct. 14, 2006, Jim Andersen, San Lucas Cove, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

The government of Southern Baja is putting on a series of fishing tournaments called the Governor's Cup that is designed to stimulate the economy and bring tourists and locals together in a spirit of communication.

The first tournament was at Ascension and the second was at San Bruno which is just south of Santa Rosalia.

Not only was the San Bruno tournament well attended with a large number of entrants but the organizers did a magnificent job of setting up and running the tournament. I think there were about 25 boats entered, and about 50 or so shore fishermen.

The Governor of Baja California Sur, Señor Montaño, was present, and the tournament director was none other than Clicerio Mercado who is one of the directors of the famous Bisbee's Tournament at Cabo San Lucas.

Since this is a promotion, there is no entry fee and each contestant received a nice T-shirt, hat, and net gear bag.

There were divisions for children fishing from shore and it was really exciting to see a 5-year-old winning $500 U.S. for first place with a 3 pound cabrilla.

The adult division of the San Bruno Governor's Cup fishing tournament had two categories, dorado and yellowtail, with first place paying $1,500, second place for $1,000, and third place for $500.

First place yellowtail was won by Juan De Dios Campo, 21 pounds; Second, Augustin Casanova, 7.6 pounds; Third, Miguel Rodriguez, 6.2 pounds.

First place Dorado, Augustin Casanova, 26.8 pounds; Second, Francisco Garcia Monroy, 18.8 pounds; and Third, Larry Sovern, 18.4 pounds.

The best story of the tournament was when my wife Marika hooked a nice yellowtail on her first drop. We knew that almost any yellowtail that were caught would put the angler in a finishing position as they are very scarce and hard to catch this time of the year. Anyway, her fish was a nice one and it was almost to the boat when a large male sea lion caught the fish and managed to break the back just behind the head. So all she got to the boat was a 4.5 pounds head. That put her in fourth place and we hope the sea lion gets indigestion over eating a $1,000-a-plate yellowtail dinner.

In other Santa Rosalia fishing news for the week, fishing has been very good for the most part. Inshore fishing for sierra and cabrilla has been very productive and the sierra are running a little larger than normal. Offshore fishing is still great for sailfish and dorado, but there has been very little happening with marlin so far.

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