Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Some Early Yellowtail And Late Dorado Caught
Despite Wind And Rain From Storm Paul

Oct. 28, 2006, Jim Anderson, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

Santa Rosalia area weather this week was hardly conducive to fishing as we received a small spin-off from tropical storm Paul that sent us heavy rains, lightning and wind. To top that off a wind system came in at the tail-end of the wet weather and while it dried us out, the windy conditions made it impossible to get on the water with a boat.

We are at that fishing transition time of the year where we are waiting for the yellowtail to start biting while the dorado and billfish start moving south.

A couple of anglers managed to catch a few yellowtail while others targeted the last of the dorado. Neither group had what could be considered epic catches but they did manage a few fish.

Inshore fishing at Santa Rosalia is still doing well with smaller cabrilla, spotted bay bass, and the sierra are only to happy to cooperate and eat almost anything put in front of them.

Some sailfish that were caught by Jeff Master and his two sons, Collin and Dorran from Fairbanks, Alaska, on Saturday, October 21st from the Moosea boat which belongs to me. All sailfish were caught on live bait at Tortuga Island and successfully released. Jeff and the boys think this is a lot better than salmon fishing in Alaska.

Here's the story about my "the Moosea boat."

My wife is a long time traveler to Alaska and her personalized plates in Colorado read Moosie for the moose in Alaska. When we built our place in Mexico, Marika decided we should call it the Moosie camp but we figured we would rename it Moosea which would be a sea designation. So now we have the Moosea boat, the Moosea camp, and the Mooseamobile, a truck. Actually what this all means is that we have entirely too much time on our hands when the wind blows.

Water temperatures 77-79 degrees; Air temperatures 70-89 degrees.

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