Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Slow Fishing Except For Sierra At Haystack

Oct. 4, 2006, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

We just had a wonderful week of great weather at Santa Rosalia, but not great fishing. Once the Santa Ana's passed through last week, it's been just beautiful down here.

Air temperatures in the mornings are down to 60 degrees and midday highs are up to to 80 degrees, with very low humidity. Santa Rosalia had no winds other than a light south-southeasterly breezes to 5 knots. Water visibility is also good, to about 30 feet inshore and 80 feet offshore. Sea surface temperatures are trying to cool off, but are still warm. Inshore water is at 78 degrees and offshore water at 80 degrees.

The fishing is just dead overall, but there are fish being caught by boats here and there. "Very spotty" is about it. Most days' efforts are for a few cabrilla in the 4 to 8 pound class, and there are very few if any yellowtail, nothing over 20 pounds.

In 3 weeks, I've fished 4 days at Isla Tortuga and 4 here at Isla San Marcos. All the fish put together for those 8 runs don't add up to 1 good day of fishing in my book, here or anywhere for that matter. Plus I had to sit around in the hot wind for one week to top it off.

Some small almaco jacks are being caught on iron, those also way under the 20 pound mark. Sierra are present off the Haystack. Sierra are very good as are gold spotted bass on the deeper bajos. There are also some dorado and billfish offshore, but this too is hit or miss.

I leave for La Bocana on the Pacific coast of Baja California this coming Wednesday. Yay! Looks like it's four days of fishing. I'll be having Moosea Jim and Marika Anderson with me and then my son and friend Daniel Lopez also maybe Danny "Piojo Loco" with him.

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