Santa Rosalia, Mexico: Surface Winter Yellowtail Fishing For 20 Pounders And Small Fish Limits

Nov. 20, 2006, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

I made the 750 mile Baja journey back to Isla San Marcos from the U.S. on Tuesday and got a few days rest in. Santa Rosalia weather has been balmy and with a little breeze out of the west northwest, but it is still fishable for those who didn't mind a little bump. Air temperatures are rather cold at Santa Rosalia, with mornings dipping into the low 50s and days no warmer than 70 degrees. Water temperatures are 66-64 degrees, and with 25-30 feet visibility, and the water color is green.

From what I was told, the fishing is still on the spotty side of things, but fish are coming on the surface to eat flylined mackerel and surface iron.

On Wednesday, Kevin Ward of the boat Searcher at Fisherman's Landing in San Diego and his son Sean, Butch H. of San Diego, and Chris Randel of the boat Indian at H&M Landing in San Diego were out fishing on the bajos chasing down fast surfacing yellows.

I was told by Kevin that the yellowtail were coming up so quick and going back down again that the birds didn't even get there in time, making getting bites a bit more work. Their total catch was 3 large yellowtail in the high 20 pound class. They also got ripped by a few more yellowtail on light line.

Later in the day, they moved over to the shallow 50 foot deep sea mount close to the north lighthouse on Isla San Marcos and found mass schools of smaller yellowtail in the 8 to 10 pound class. They finished the day with limits of yellowtail plus lots released.

Overall, things are shaping up down here. Now if the weather could be a little less windy all will jell for banner winter yellowtail fishing.

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