Santa Rosalia, Mexico: Windy Fishing Conditions For San Lucas Cove Anglers

Dec. 27, 2006, Jim Anderson, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

The wind is really taking it's toll on the fishing. When the tides are right to really produce great yellowtail fishing, the wind is so bad that no one can get off of the beach.

Today was the first day that anyone could get out to the fishing grounds but Bud Pierce caught the only yellowtail I saw all day with a live bait and a 3 ounce slider.

John Bogert from Orofino, Idaho, is a long time visitor to San Lucas Cove and following a lot of the information in The Baja Catch by Neil Kelley and Gene Kira, John manages to catch a lot of fish consistently when everyone else gets skunked.

He trolls "Rapala-type" lures very close to shore at very fast trolling speeds, and he really manages to slay the Leopard Grouper and other assorted sea basses that are so prevalent in the Santa Rosalia area.

John keeps logs of all the fish he catches and last season he managed to catch 999 fish for the season. While the rest of us chase the big yellowtail and other sport fish, John just quietly goes about catching another batch of fish.