Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Yellowtail Fishing Up-And-Down On Isla San Marcos Bajos

Jan. 6, 2007, Jim Anderson, Moosea Boat, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

San Lucas Cove fishing water temperatures are 62-63 degrees; this week has been the full moon phase.

The fishing week in the Santa Rosalia area started out pretty good at the north end of San Marcos Island.

Some of the larger boats fishing out of San Lucas Cove were able to make it out to the bajos on Sunday even though we had residual waves and some leftover wind.

Fishing was generally productive with most boats catching a few yellowtail which have mostly been in that 25-30 pound class.

Monday's fishing was perhaps even a little better as the waves died down a little and the fish seemed willing to chew.

Flylined live bait seemed to be the most productive as the day started and then everyone started adding a small amount of lead on the line as the day progressed.

On Tuesday, Santa Rosalia area fishing started to slow down and even though several boats managed a few fish, the bite was noticeably slower than the day before.

Wednesday found really calm seas in the Santa Rosalia area and a flotilla of boats went out with high expectations, but as the day progressed there were no yellowtail in the fish boxes and everyone seemed really frustrated at the poor fishing.

Bait has been plentiful in the deep areas and most boats are making Spanish Mackerel at the deep areas of 275 to 300 feet. By the time the bait tank is full, most feel they have already had a long fishing day under their belts.

My wife, Marika Anderson, and Becky Pierce continue to show that the women of San Lucas Cove are proving to be very competent "fisherpersons" and rumor has it that they have been slightly outfishing most of the men. They caught fish of 25-32 pounds at San Marcos Island on Monday, January 1st. What a way to start the year.

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