Santa Rosalia, Mexico: Good Winter Yellowtail Fishing For San Lucas Cove Tin Boat Fleet

Jan. 13, 2007, Jim Anderson, Santa Rosalia (San Lucas Cove), Baja California Sur, Mexico:

San Lucas Cove Fishing Water temperatures are 60-61 degrees, with the weather mostly windy with an occasional calm day.

This week in the Santa Rosalia area tuned out to be the best fishing we have had for quite some time.

Big yellowtail were cruising the deeper reef north of San Marcos Island of Santa Rosalia, and since we are coming into a waning crescent on the moon phase, the tides have been much better, which causes tidal movement on the bajos.

Jim Greene from Montana has been the big producer this week for Baja anglers at San Lucas Cove, with limits caught on big yellowtail three consecutive fishing days.

Most of the boats have been doing very well soaking Spanish Mackerel baits with a slider sinker for yellowtail that will test the very best of tackle as well as fisherman.

As the fish have been running rather large and are very strong this time of the year in these Mexican fishing waters, they do their best to take your rig to the bottom where they cut you off on the rocks.

It is entertaining, to say the least, to watch fisherman struggling with a seriously bent rod, listening to the drag screaming, and watching everything end abruptly when the fish manages to find safe haven in the rocks.

Fishing pictures this week included one of Mean Jim Greene, the fishing machine, with one of his many yellowtail caught in the last few days. He uses a 14 foot Gregor boat with bait tank, GPS, depth finder, and a gas sipping Honda 15 h.p.

Also photographed were Bud and Becky Pierce from Washington who have also been doing very well this week. Bud has a 18 foot boat, tiller steering, and all the equipment.

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