Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Excellent Baja Fishing Conditions For Boats At San Lucas Cove

Feb. 10, 2007, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico, Jim Anderson:

San Lucas Cove has been as close to heaven this week as it gets.

The weather in the Santa Rosalia area of Baja has been absolutely perfect with no wind and really calm seas.

The fish, however, have been willing to bite on some days and they have been showing lockjaw and were unwilling to even look at baits on other days.

The fish seem large and fatter than normal, which is probably related to the fact that they are eating a lot of squid. The most popular method of fishing for this time of the year is to use live bait with a 4/0 to 5/0 hook with a sliding egg sinker matched to the amount of drift.

The bait is suspended from just off the bottom to half way up to the boat and when the yellowtail takes the bait, the battle is on.

The local Mexican panga fishermen are fishing the same area but they are anchoring and then using cut and pounded squid with one or two dropper loops just off the bottom.

Tidal movement has been really slow the last couple of days and fishing has suffered accordingly, but as we go into the quarter moon in the next couple of days and get some tide swing, we expect to see the fishing at the bajos north of San Marcos Island improve.

Inshore fishing for San Lucas Cove boats has been very good this year for cabrilla and spotted bay bass.

The Spotted Bay Bass have been numerous and exceptionally large so fish fries have been a common occurrence.

With the calmer waters this week, the sea life in these Mexican waters has been absolutely magnificent and even the small tin boats have been able to get out and enjoy watching the whales, mostly Sperm Whales with a few Gray Whales mixed in, and porpoise which are always fun to watch.

The phosphorescence in the water has been especially strong recently, and it is exciting to see your boat's wake light up when leaving before sunrise to make bait. The other morning we made bait right in the middle of a strong patch of phosphorescence and the bait jigs were lighting up as well as the mackerel while they swam around.

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