Santa Rosalia, Mexico: Good Baja Yellowtail Fishing When The Wind Doesn't Blow

Feb. 17, 2007, San Lucas Cove, Jim Anderson, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

Well, the week started out really well on Sunday and the fishing was fantastic on the bajos north of San Marcos Island.

We managed 6 really nice yellowtail and most of the boats managed at least a couple of fish.

Then the wind settled in on Monday and we were stuck on the beach until today which was Saturday. The first few days you clean reels and retie bait jigs but by Friday all the fishermen were checking the wind and water conditions every five minutes or so.

So today we left really early to make bait and headed for San Marcos Island with a tank full of choice Spanish Mackerel. The deep reef was not producing well but when I came in to shallower water, things really started to pick up.

Ken Reeder and I were on the Moosea boat and there were only three other boats on the reef but it was our lucky day and we managed to connect with real quality yellowtail from 22 to 31 pounds. By noon we had managed to catch a limit so we gave our leftover bait to a Parker that was new to the area and headed in.

We are coming up on a new moon which should continue to give us good tides and water movement for the next couple of days so we are hopeful that fishing will remain good for the next few days which should be calm.

Whales and dolphin were really abundant today in these Mexican waters at Santa Rosalia as well and we think it is an extra bonus to be able to watch all the sea life as we travel out to the island and return.

The squid have been especially thick in the last few weeks so it is interesting to see the local Mexican fisherman with their lights on at night. It gets to look like a small city out on the water.

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