Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Heavy Duty Baja Yellowtail Fishing At Isla San Marcos Bajos

Feb. 24, 2007, San Lucas Cove, Jim Anderson, Santa Rosalia, Baja Sur, Mexico:

What a week of Yellowtail fishing at San Lucas Cove!

The weather at Santa Rosalia cooperated for at least 4 days and the fishing was nothing short of amazing.

Bait was plentiful and the yellowtail had an appetite. Most of the fishing was done with a slider sinker of 2-4 ounces and 50-60 pound line as the yellowtail were hanging near the bottom. They did come up to the surface for a short while on Thursday and several boats managed to get a surface iron or live bait into the boil which meant instant hookup with 25 to 30 pound fish.

This is not recommended for the weak of heart as the bait explodes from the water and these monster yellowtail are right behind them. This is when veteran fishermen manage to get "professional overspins" when casting into the melee.

San Marcos Mike Kanzler is gone and we miss his bantering and comments on the radio, and there seems to be some confusion as to whose boat to follow.

We scored very well on our Moosea boat this week and managed to have a Mexican sportfishing limit for all anglers on board, usually before 9 or 9:30 a.m.

Ed Duitsman and his crew from California came down in a Parker boat called the "Day Care," which usually means it is loaded up with teenaged children from his and his brother's family, and these guys really managed to get in the groove very quickly and started pulling in fish. They asked a lot of questions and found most people willing to help get them into the productive methods and areas for both bait and fish.

Since they fish the Pacific side of Baja, they were seriously undergunned in terms of line strength in these Mexican fishing waters.

These fish are the strongest yellowtail I have ever caught and they will haul any of the lighter lines straight to the bottom and cut you off on the rocks.

If they hit on the surface, in the deeper water you might get lucky with 30 pound line and proper drags, but if they hit you at 85 feet of water and the bottom is at 110 feet, then you better have at least 60 pound line, with good drags, and very good knots.

Almost everyone who fishes this regularly uses 60 or even 80 pound line tied directly to the hook, and a slider egg sinker, and most prefer a double San Diego knot. This is tackle testing time to the extreme.

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