Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
A Few Yellowtail Biggies For Baja Boats Fishing At Isla San Marcos

March 2, 2007, Jim Anderson, Santa Rosalia, San Lucas Cove, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

Monday and Tuesday's weather at Santa Rosalia turned out to be fishable as the wind was calm, but the fishing remained pretty calm also and the fish refused to cooperate like they did the week before.

Monday was pretty exciting as we found the fish up on the surface chasing bait so they were vulnerable to a live bait tossed in their midst. In fact, it was great fun to use some lighter line since the fish were actually in 450 feet of water. It is still hard to believe that a fish can take a drag properly set at about 19 pounds on a 40 pound outfit and go from the surface to 295 feet on the first run.

Next year I plan to keep a fly rod rigged for those few times that the yellowtail remain on the surface long enough to get a fly in their midst.

With the weight of the fly line, a properly tuned drag, 20 pound tippet, and 400 feet or so of water, I believe I can land one of these monster Baja yellowtail.

Although the numbers of fish caught were significantly reduced this week, the quality definitely made up for it and I managed to land my biggest yellowtail of the season which weighed in at 37 pounds 2 ounces. This one one really fat fish. Too bad it didn't happen during the Mulege tournament.

All of the boats at the north end of San Marcos Island did get treated to a breathtaking sight as a medium sized sperm whale decided to put on a "Sea World Show" very close to the fishing area.

This whale had been feeding and showing his fluke for about 10 minutes when it decided to start breaching, which it managed to do 8 or 9 times. The first time, the whale was definitely out of the water with over two-thirds of its body in the air. When it came crashing down, water and spray went everywhere.

Although no one managed to get the display on camera, we will all remember clearly in our memories.

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