Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Good Baja Trailer Boat Fishing Trip To San Lucas Cove

Feb. 25, 2007, Ed Duitsman, boat Day Care, San Lucas Cove, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

We had another great fishing trip to Baja. We had 2 first timers with us this trip, Bob and his grandson Mike Selby. We stayed at the El Morro Hotel just south of Santa Rosalia and launched downtown.

Launching could only be done at peak high tide.

We had lots of wind on this Baja trip we only got on the water 3 days out of our 10 days. This gave us time to do some things we've been wanting to do like check out real estate and boat ramps in Mulege, San Bruno, San Lucas and Santa Rosalia.

We met Ed and Beth Hogan of San Bruno south of Santa Rosalia. One windy day they took us in and shared with us hot chocolate, tea and good fish stories.

The San Bruno launch ramp was not usable for our 2320 Parker, but okay for small tin boats. A storm in September filled it with sand and rocks. When this gets re-dredged out it's going to be a beautiful launch area.

Our first Baja fishing day on the water was Saturday the 17th at the north end of San Marcos Isla, water temperature 61 degrees.

We met the Andersons of San Lucas Cove on their Moosea Boat and watched them land one yellowtail after another. They were good to us, showed us their spot on the GPS, and gave us live bait and some good Baja fishing tips.

Jim Anderson advised us to use 50 pound test or better. After a dozen break offs on 20 pound we re-spooled with 50 pound and finally got one yellowtail on board, 25-30 pounds!

Our second fishing day was February 18th at the same spot. We got to watch Marika on Moosea Boat in action and we got 4 on yellowtail board and again more busted lines than I can remember.

Our third fishing day was windy so we went to the south end of the island for protection and some guys on "FishHead" lead us to the spot called "The Ranch." We caught 5 more yellowtail. I don't have a scale but these were bigger and measured 44 to 47 inches.

We also caught a nice grouper and a hammerhead shark. Thank you guys of "FishHead."

Got invited to Moosea Camp for cold drinks, more tips, Baja stories, lies, and pictures of Marika's 150-pound grouper that she let Jim reel in!

It was another super trip in Baja. We saw whales and dolphin every day, and we also caught leopard grouper, sculpin, lizardfish, bass, crevalle, hammerhead, perch, croaker, sierra, stingrays, barracuda, squid 20-30 pounds and a sea snake 3 feet long.

We have reservations to return in March and can't wait.

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