Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Baja Yellowtail Fishing At Santa Rosalia Is On Tidal Currents

March 10, 2007, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, Baja Sur, Mexico, Jim Anderson, Moosea Boat:

Isla San Marcos Mike Kanzler told me years ago that the tide movement was one of the most important things in yellowtail fishing so I have watched the moon phases really closely this year and for the most part I am convinced that he was absolutely right.

There has been lots of discussion about whether or not yellowtail fishing is any good on a full moon and the answer is: it definitely depends on what the tide situation is.

I print out the tide charts for Santa Rosalia, Mexico, every month but started doing a 2 week or 4 week graph which shows the relative comparison of low and high tides and the time period related to swing.

When the graph is relatively flat between high and low, you can figure that there will probably be very little water movement on the bajos and hence, the fishing is pretty lackluster. That means that the fish may take a live bait but they have a tendency to play with or lightly mouth the bait, or just plain ignore the bait all day.

So, this led me to think that fishing would be fairly slow all week and might show some improvement by Saturday the 10th. All week most boats were managing 2 to 3 fish and spending almost all day doing that but today, Saturday, things literally broke loose and we had one of the best fishing days we have had all season.

We are very careful to only catch a Mexican sportfishing limit of 5 per person and today we were only two fish short of that by 9 in the morning so we started catch and release fishing, which was a total hoot with circle hooks. Sure wish we had a massage therapist at San Lucas Cove!

The weather in the Santa Rosalia area of Baja has finally broken and we are seeing real spring type conditions with warmer temperatures and a reduction of wind. Add in the good fishing and things are just about ideal right now.

The sea life is totally amazing this year and we had large pods of pilot whales feeding in the Craig Channel as well as dolphin and Sperm Whales.

The locals tell me that the Humboldt squid season is underway and some Santa Rosalia commercial fishing boats are bringing in 2000 to 2500 pounds of squid every night.

Just doesn't seem fair, the weather is great, the fishing is very good, and this is my last week in Baja for the year.

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