Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Slower Yellowtail Fishing For Santa Rosalia Boats

March 10, 2007, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico, Mike Kanzler:

I made it back to Isla San Marcos on Tuesday and fished a couple of days.

Santa Rosalia has had super weather all week long, but fishing was on the slow side.

I arrived right after a 5 day blow. Right now, we have cool mornings in the 50s with days hitting the 80s, making it feel like Baja spring in a big way.

Water temperatures are still chilly in the 62-64 degree range and the visibility is 25 feet at best. The water in Baja's Santa Rosalia area is still kind of soupy.

There are lots of porpoise and whales feeding on the abundance of small fishes and plankton soup here.

The fishing's kind of slow.

My first fishing day day was spent at the north end of Isla San Marcos with Doug Moranville in his 216 Cabo. I've fished with Doug for years, but always in my boat. I got bit on my first cast with surface iron from Doug's boat...and that was pretty much the whole day.

We caught just one yellowtail, of maybe 22 pounds.

On this same day a few boats fished the Ranch and did very good on 25 pound class yellowtail. I guess we just fished the wrong side of the island that day.

My next day out was a simple game plan for a solo run.

I had a special run scheduled with Zack Tomas, Pacific Coast Sportfishing, now "retired" and writing a book on Baja fishing. We were doing a plastic run for Cabrilla at Isla Tortuga Sunday.

With that in mind, I didn't want to do a full run for bait, 8 miles, then the ranch, 12 miles, then home, 4 miles, and blow my gas on a long shot. So tried to make bait in front of my house and then fish the Ranch.

I made bait in sight of my house, all bigeye scads.

I was the first boat on the Ranch, it was spotty and lots of boats arrived too. I managed 2 yellowtail in the mid 20 pound class, as did some other boats and lots not.

No photo this week of fishing. I'm bored with all the same looking yellowtail photos of late, so last week I read the report by Sid Lindsay about the Baja bridges being built in our area. I have some photos of the two bridges close to us and likely the most important fixes on an already great road.

I need to return to the States to take care of some stuff and get ready for the real fishing season and tourists wanting to fish. That would be April, May and June. I'll be back April 2nd and all hell will be busting loose for sure.

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