Bahia de los Angeles, Mexico



Jan. 3, 2006, Chris Pennington, Bahia de los Angeles, Baja California, Mexico Fishing:

On Dec. 31st, my wife Jean and I fished at Bahia de los Angeles (L.A. Bay) with good friend and captain Ruben Daggett.

The weather was cooperating so we decided to make the run over to "Los Machos" on the big island.

Ruben told us that live bait was a must so we began at 6 a.m. just off the sand spit in front of town. It was very slow going so we moved north up to around Larry and Raquel's motel area but again had little luck.

Next we headed out to the west side of Isla Piojo and had considerably better luck, large mackerel in about 60 feet of water.

After loading up on bait, we shot over to Los Machos, and with the calm weather it only took about 30 minutes or less.

When we arrived, the current was ripping so we needed a lot of lead to get the baits down to about a 200 to 250 foot depth. One-pound weights did the trick but we only had a limited amount. It seems that no matter how much tackle we bring there is always one item that you don't have or is in short supply!

We also needed to use 200 pound mono leader to keep from getting broken off on the rocks left and right. We were rigged with 50 and 60 pound outfits and still lost 3 fish along with our precious weights!

There were lots of fish down there. Almost every boat was hooked up as we made pass after pass over the sweet spot.

We ended up with 6 nice size yellowtail and one fair size cabrilla for the cooler.

We were headed back to Isla Coronado by noon to grab a few cochis for ceviche that night and ended up with a couple of sculpin also.

All in all it was a great day on the water.

Just as the other Bahia de los Angeles fishing reports have said, the weather was perfect, high 70's in the day time and high 50's at night.

The road out to Punta La Gringa is really being worked on right now. From town out to Larry and Raquel's you must navigate through the scrub and side roads until the old familiar washboard road begins again just past Daggett's Camp. If you have a large RV you may be better off taking the road from town more direct to Los Vientos spa, rough but straight. At the rate the road crews are working, it shouldn't be very long until the road is in great shape again. The new Pemex seemed to spring up over night and looks great but I don't know when it will open.