Bahia de los Angeles, Mexico



Jan. 27-29, 2007, Chuck Decker, San Francisquito, Baja California, Mexico:

Two aircraft and 6 guys went to San Francisquito.

Our first half-day out fishing was about 3 miles right off the bay at about 200 feet deep using butterfly jigs, Salas blue and white jigs, and various others. We only caught Pinto Bass and Rock Fish.

Four of us went out on Sunday for a full day of fishing on a reef about 15 miles out from the bay and 5 miles south of the Baja Midriff area's San Lorenzo Island. We fished about 150 to 200 feet deep using the same jigs and landed 15 yellowtail from 20 to 25 pounds and lost as many.

We used 30 pound and 40 pound test line. However, you had to be quick to turn their heads or they would rock you.

The gold and black butterfly jig was the killer, although the others did work.

All of the yellowtail were caught at the bottom or halfway down while dropping jigs.

The trip was fantastic fishing for these strong fish. One guy landed a yellowtail on a small Shimano with only 20 pound test just to test his skills.

On Monday morning, we went out to he same reef for a few hours and landed 5 more Yellowtail.

Genero, the manager at the San Francisquito resort, I am told has not been there for several months as he has had some health issues and had to have an operation and is now living at his house in Tijuana. Juan is running the place for him and seems to do a fairly good job keeping it clean with hot water showers and good food.

We took a picture at the dock with our captain and boat owner Ernesto who lives right there in San Francisquito, Matt Whisnand from Long Beach, California, Jim Greene from Tustin, California, and me Chuck Decker from Tucson, Arizona. Ernesto is a great fisherman. He has his hand held GPS and takes you to all of his good spots.

Sea conditions were calm at San Francisquito. The sea temperature, my guess, would be mid 60's.

The runway at San Francisquito was fine to land on. However the north end was very soft because of the storms earlier this year so I had to do a soft field procedure landing and taking off.