East Cape, Mexico



July 15, 2005, George Carter, East Cape, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

What a great trip at Rancho Buena Vista the week of July 11 to the 15th. We started off slow Monday and things just got better each day.

We caught 50 tuna, mostly 12 to 15 pounders, until Friday when the 37 to 65 pounders showed up. I know from past experience that the real large tuna were just a day or two away.

The striped marlin we caught 33, and probably lost another 25. They were small and didn't attack the lures like the larger ones do. So we used ballyhoo for bait to hook probably half the ones we landed.

Sailfish were everywhere. We released all 29 we caught as well as the marlin. Again ballyhoo was the bait of choice. I know we lost more sailfish then we landed. They were very timid, billing the bait and the teaser many times. Thrashing the bait over and over again.

Finally a marlin broke the teaser line on our boat and swam away with the teaser. We lost only one 50 lb plus roosterfish, because nobody wanted to spend the time to fish for them.

The Dorado were super size. We caught 4 monsters (62, 57, 54, and 53) and lost a couple more all on marlin jigs. Clone of choice, green back and bright yellow seven strand 1230.

We had 3 boats and 12 guys, six rookies, and we really wanted some blue marlin that are in the East Cape area in July. Only one was caught, which was a disappointment. In the past years we will hook up many large blue marlins in July but because they are so big we land only a few. This time they were absent. None of the other boats at the ranch caught a blue.

With my 43 years fishing at RBV I can tell you that the food, service and all the employees are still top drawer. All 12 guys are already signing up for next year.

Anyone thinking about going down to the East Cape area do it now. Everything is two to three weeks late and that means the weather also, which was great.

The dorado, sailfish and marlin which are thick as fleas should get larger and the blues should arrive soon as the season gets better.

Reels with line on them must be in your cooler. A passport is preferred. A 6 passenger van to the ranch is $200, rt. Room & meals $70 a night, 28 foot cruiser $365. Ballyhoo $2. ea.

For more information call me "Carter's Charters," 310 541-8388 We will be going next July, come and join us.