East Cape, Mexico



Nov. 12, 2005, Gary Graham, Baja On The Fly, East Cape Fly Fishing, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

As I sit here writing this East Cape fly fishing report and watching the north wind blow at our home “Rancho Deluxe” here at La Capilla, I am saddened to announce that after 17 years in the house we will be moving out on the 15th. We have many memories and have enjoyed our time here at East Cape. We won’t be leaving the area, but soon after we move the house it will be torn down to make way for a new development including a rumored golf course with the 9th hole dead center where our home stood.

East Cape Fly Fishing:

Don Murnane, who we met at the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ, earlier this year, began his East Cape fly fishing week on Saturday. Greeted by flat calm weather, he had great action for small roosters, ladyfish and jacks. Midday, guide Lance Peterson, using a surface teaser, had school of jacks charge the beach. Don capitalized on the opportunity and caught his first jack from the beach. A short time later, “Bubba” chased the teaser into the beach, but wouldn’t go for Don’s fly. It was enough to make Don sit down for a few minutes to catch his breath.

Fishing on a panga the next day, he had his first encounter with the mighty Humboldt squid and was impressed. With few sardina to be found, the cutup squid has become a staple for chum. Along the way down the beach they found a bait guy selling mackerel and bought enough to fill the tank. He spent the entire morning casting to ladyfish, jacks and more small roosters. By midday the strategy changed and Lance began slow trolling hookless mackerel. It wasn’t long before the better-sized roosters joined the dance, providing Don with plenty of action.

Fishing one more panga day with more squid action, a ride all the way down below Las Frailes to purchase some sardina. Then they worked just outside of Cabo Pulmo and after few minutes the skipjack and yellowfin tuna were boiling all around the boat. With a variety of species and plenty of action, Don couldn’t stop talking about his first East Cape Baja Adventure and is already planning his next trip. He did it in the nick of time; the north wind came back for another visit on his final day.

East Cape water temperature 80-86; Air temperature 72-84; Conditions scattered clouds.