East Cape, Mexico



Nov. 10, 2005, Torrance Eddy, Buena Vista, East Cape Fishing, Mexico:

With the more mild fishing weather at East Cape, I'm getting out on the water more.

On October 31, I took a small Sierra just a few meters out from Piedras Gordas, not far from Pemex. Last week I tried to find the Sierra lure here in Los Barriles and yesterday. I went to the biggest Tackle shop in La Paz. The only Jointed Rebel of that configuration I found was chartreuse. I settled for it plus some blue and black 5.5s in Fastrak as well as Spoonbill. That Spoonbill, by the way can be a very effective Halibut Killer‚ trolled in depths up to 30 feet. A few years back, I took two over ten pounds in Mission Bay trolled very, very slow.

While fishing on Saturday, November 5, there was little evidence of Sierra-jumping bait, etc. As I was innocently trolling the chartreuse 4.5 Fastrack jointed in blue water not far outside the boats buoyed off Verdugo's and Palmas, I experienced a strike from a very strong, fast fish. After about 15 minutes my 20 pound Pargo turned into an 8 pound Toro. I had forgotten just how hard these guys fight.

And now that I just passed my 65th birthday, they even fight harder than five years ago. It did a number on the lure as well, one hook badly bent and another missing completely. I don't catch very many fish in the immediate Los Barriles and Buena Vista area, but I always get something worth catching. Now that my motor is running better due to a servicing, I'm going to work the area between Buena Vista and Rancho Leonero and later, the La Ribera area. La Ribera now has excellent launching facilities which can easily accommodate from Leonero to and including Punta Colorada.

On cooking Sierra, my Pangero friends have a very easy method that is quick and delicious. They simply cut steaks with skin on, dip in seasoned flour and fry.