East Cape, Mexico



Jan. 10, 2006, Peter Langstraat, East Cape, Baja California Sur, Mexico fishing:

I just returned from fishing at the East Cape. A Roosterfish that I caught December 23th, a mile south of the lighthouse took a Ladyfish that took my Rapala just a minute earlier. The Rooster was 49 inches long, with a calculated weight about 36 pounds. The ladyfish I don't know. They were caught on 8 pound line in about 40 minutes.

In the weekly report of November 14th, the Rooster in the picture was 52 inches, weight of 43 pounds, caught November 4th with a live Goldspotted Grunt on 25 pound line. In the same report Mike Reichner mentioned "a buddy of his" that had caught a Rooster after it had taken a Ladyfish that had taken his Rapala on 8 pound line. This "buddy" was me and the Rooster was 44 inches and about 26 pounds and was caught November 10th.

In general the fishing during October was very varied. Many Ladyfish but also a few Roosters around 22 inches that took the Rapala directly, and also a Pargo of 31 inches that took the Rapala plus two of 29 inches that were caught bottom fishing amongst 2 Diamond Rays, also from the bottom.

Sierra were not plentiful. However, Jacks (though on the small size), Croakers, etc., were a regular catch.

In November the Sierra were plentiful just now and then. The best result were Sierra's of 39 and 43 inches caught from my aluminum boat. Best in numbers was a morning with 11 around 24 inch fish.

At some days the surf fishing was incredible with up to 24 fish (mainly ladyfish) in just 2.5 hours; most outings you would catch 7 to 15 fish.

In December the fishing went very much up and down, still a few days with some 12 fish but with many days when it was hard to catch even 1 to 3 fish.

From Christmas on, the gill nets were put out again near the Punta Arena Lighthouse and Bahia el Rincon by the same families Romero and Liale, but after a few days I could get hold of Bobby van Wormer junior and he was very determined that he was going to confiscate the nets. Within a few days I will try to get hold of him again and ask him how it went. I had to leave before Bobby was able to take action.

I took pictures of the nets. The biggest one is at least half-a-mile long. People may send me an email if they see the nets in the water, which can be easy, as often they put them as close as 5 yards of the beach, on the beach, or if they are busy putting the nets in their boats. They are called Pescadores del Cortés and have 4 boats, registration numbers are: MAT. 0304069413-8, MAT.0304069513-1, 0384069413-8, and 0304069713-6.

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