Ensenada, Mexico



July 17, 2005, Emerald Argonza, Matador Sportfishing, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico:

The Matador went out Friday July 15 for bottom fishing with 8 anglers, skippered by myself, and ended with 45 rockcod, 12 lingcod, and 1 barracuda. We fished the San Miguel reef just northeast of Todos Santos with a very calm but overcast day. We were using live bait and squid strips for bait. Lots of fish were lost from seals partying around the boat all the time.

El Dorado also went out this day on a tuna trip out of Ensenada with 2 anglers, and ended up with 20 albacore ranging from 25-40 lbs. The first hookups were caught on the troll with tuna feathers and the rest were bait fish. They fish the 238 spot with calm seas and the water temperature at 66.9 degrees. This was a good day of fishing for everybody that went out. Guys were coming back to Coral Marina with limits of albacore caught on the 220 area too. It seems like the fishing was excellent everywhere around Ensenada. I have a neighbor at the dock who had a mechanical problem and did not get to leave until 10:30 a.m. or so and still came back around 5-6 p.m. with limits of albacore for 3 anglers. This was just a great day for everybody fishing at the Coral Marina and Ensenada.

Things did took a dive Saturday, as counts went to an abrupt low with Ensenada fishing boats coming back with an empty sack.

But on Saturday, the Wahoo, a super panga captained by Jorge Villanueva, fished with 2 anglers. They fished the 238 area with very calm seas and the water temperature at 68-69 degrees. They landed 8 albacore with the first hooked up caught on the troll and rest on live bait. The fish ranged from 30-40 lbs. This is one of the boats that did really good in spite of the fact that fish were less cooperative than the previous day.

On 7/12, we had a tuna fishing trip out of Ensenada with 3 anglers and skippered by my co-Capt. David Silva. They landed 12 albacore averaging 38-40 lbs. The anglers were Ken Feldman, Linda Feldman, and Lou Routbard. All were from the Marina Del Rey Anglers Association. They fished the 295 spot all day.

On 7/11, we went bottom fishing out of Ensenada with 4 anglers and finished the day with 12 lingcod, average 5 lbs. for each angler and limits of rockcod averaging 4 lbs. This was a nice day with hardly any wind and we spotted a marlin at the Santo Tomas area but it did not take the feather we offered. It was a great sight though.

On 7/9, we had a tuna fishing trip with 4 anglers, landed only 5 albies due to anglers getting seasick. The fish were at the 295 area with a water temperature of 64.3 degrees, 5-6 knots wind, and 3-4 ft. swells.

My phone number is (866) 591-7766. Our boats are as follows: Matador, 33 ft. Tiara flybridge sportfisher; Azteca, 32 ft. Owens Concord sportfisher; Wahoois, 28 ft. super panga; El Dorado, a 23 ft. super panga. We run all year long.