Ensenada, Mexico



Sept. 11, 2005, Emerald Argonza, Matador Sportfishing, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico:

Fishing out of Ensenada on Sept. 7th, I skippered the Matador with 3 anglers and headed south to the lower 500 spot.

Ensenada weather was a little rough and the water was cold at 61 degrees, and got a little warmer as we headed southwest but up to 64 degrees only.

There was a lot of kelp in the fishing area, but most of them did not hold any fish, but we did manage to hook up a good size yellowtail about 25 pounds landed by Dr. Reinsch of Marina Del Rey whom I would say the toughest angler I have ever seen considering his age and the weather condition we had at that day. My hats off to Dr. Reinsch! The fish was caught on a kelp and went for a flylined sardine.

The Matador again went fishing out of Ensenada for a tuna run yesterday the 10th with 4 anglers and we fished the 295 spot were a dorado was hooked up on the troll and fell for a green and yellow marlin feather. The fish weighed 28 pounds. The water temperature fluctuated from 62, 63, and 64 at times all around the 295 spot and the weather was a little rough again, with 13 to 17 knot wind.

David Silva, the skipper that day, decided to head down to fish the 238 spot but only found empty kelps and cold water. He then headed farther south and spotted a school of yellowfin about 15 miles south of the 238 but the fish were not biting at all except for the yellowtail that were under kelp and he hooked up five of them but only boated 3 that weighed close to 30 pounds. All the yellowtail were caught on flylined sardines. Total fish for this day, 1 dorado, 3 yellowtail all averaging 30 pounds.

Yellowfin tuna are still in the Ensenada fishing area but seem to be very reluctant to bite due to the presence of small squid in the area.

Fishing slowed down for everybody here in Ensenada except for local fishing that proved to be excellent so far with boats loading up with rockcods, snappers, salmon groupers, barracuda, bonita, and the occasional yellowtail on the north side of Todos Santos.