Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico



Dec. 30, 2005, Larry Edwards, Cortez Yacht Charters, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico Sportfishing Report:

A mix of marlin, sailfish and dorado greeted the holiday anglers at Ixtapa Zihuatanejo this week.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo charter fishing Captain Temo on the "Secuestro De Amor", fishing 7 days with European angler, Mr. Lagarrique, landed 10 sailfish, 7 dorado and 10 bonito.

Mr. Theunis, from France, fishing 3 days at Ixtapa Zihuatanejo aboard the "Leydy", with Captain Candelerio, landed 7 sailfish, 1 marlin and 3 dorado.

Captain Adolpho, fishing 2 Ixtapa Zihuatanejo days with French angler, Mr. Misseri, landed 13 roosterfish to 70 lbs. at Puerto Vincente Guerrero, along with 11 dorado to 55 lbs.

Captain Arturo Landa on the "Janeth", reported 9 sailfish, 1 dorado, 40 yellowtail jacks and 10 bonito for 4 fishing days with angler Mr. Pelassot. Angler Hank Zacisiak, also fishing with Captain Arturo, landed 2 sailfish & 1 dorado for a 1 day trip.

Captain Arturo, fishing 1 day inshore at Ixtapa Zihuatanejo with Angler Mr. Brand, landed 9 yellowtail jacks and 4 bonito.

Captain Chiro led Fred Goldberg, to some light tackle, fun, landing 25 bonitos and 1 dorado.

Captain Jose on the charter boat "La Bamba", also led Alaska angler, Kelli Shirley, to 2 sailfish on her first fishing day.

Captain Luis also reported a 2 sailfish 1 dorado day with his client from Canada.

Fishing 3 days offshore, Mr. Misseri landed 16 sailfish.

Mr. Methilin, fishing 4 days aboard the "Gran Jefe", landed 8 s;sailfish, 1 roosterfish, 1 dorado, 15 yellowtail jacks and 10 bonitos.

Pat Prentice, also fishing aboard the "Bloody Hook", landed 1 sailfish on his first day offshore.

Richard Cambria, fly fishing 2 days aboard the "Bloody Hook", with Captain Chiro, landed 1 sailfish & 1 marlin and also fished aboard the "Gran Jefe" for 2 days and caught 7 dorado, 10 yellowtail jacks and 2 bonito.

Wisconsin angler, Mr. David Watkins, fishing 2 days with Ixtapa Zihuatanejo charter fishing Captain Jose on "La Bamba", landed 2 sailfish and 2 dorados and then fished an additional day with Captain Javier on "Marlin Azul", landed 2 dorado and released 2 striped marlin.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo weather was mostly sunny, with temperatures from 69 degree nights to 89 daytime highs. Water temperatures 82 degrees inshore to 84 offshore, gentle breezes from the southwest and mostly calm. The bait supply remained very good.

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