La Paz, Mexico



Dec. 28, 2004, Torrance Eddy, Pichilingue, La Paz, Mexico Tin Boat Fishing Report:

I fished at Pichilingue, to about a mile north and around both little islands, Dec. 27, 2004. I started fishing at 10 a.m., mas o menos, quit at 3:15 p.m. La Paz weather was clear, light wind from the south, sea--unusally calm all day. Perfect weather and sea conditions. My guess is the water was about 70-75 degrees.

The La Paz fishing action was great and the catching was just good enough to be fun. The weather and the water surface conditions were perfect. I trolled a little over the rocks off the closest island, for nada. I fished cut bait a while next to shore where it deepens very quickly, very little. Trolled over sandy bottom of coves taking several spotted bay bass and a couple of cornetfish. While trolling over the deep areas near the rocky shore, I had a good strike on what was probably a 5-10 pound pargo.

The lure that caught almost all the fish was a five inch broken back black/silver Rebel Fastrac.

I had two in the boat. When I do that, I am a little extra cautious so we didn't travel more than a couple of miles from the ramp. I will fish out of there again soon, venturing further north.

The Pichilingue ramp was great. The new road that opened a couple of weeks ago. It runs from roughly 1.5 miles south of Soriana on Hwy 1, loops Northeast to North to East, essentially going around La Paz. It meets the road to Pichilingue, Tecolote, etc., three or four miles South of the Ferry Terminal.

Pulling a boat trailer through the city of La Paz is not much fun. It takes lots of concentration with "topes" and stop signs seemingly every 100 feet. I doubt if it is any more that three miles longer and at least 15 minutes shorter than going through town. There is no evidence of the Canadian snowbirds at Tecolote even knowing about it. As a matter of fact, we saw no vehicles other than a large truck using this beautifully paved road.

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