La Paz Fishing Report



June 30, 2006, Pez Gringos fishing trip with Tailhunter International, David Lester:

Another great fishing trip for the Pez Gringos! We have always fished Cabo San Lucas and East Cape, specifically targeting inshore Pez Gallo or roosterfish, but this year we decided to try fishing at La Paz with Tailhunter International.

Reading Jonathan Roldan's regular column in Western Outdoor News made me think he would fit the Pez Gringo personality. I was right. He worked with the six Pez Gringos to fish both the La Paz and Las Arenas sides.

On the Las Arenas side, we found many schools of marlin literally on the beach. One day we were trolling for Bonito two-hundred yards off shore near Punta Perico and had 8 striped marlin show up behind the boat. The sardinas tossed overboard were immediately gulped up like freshwater bass pushing shad. I have never seen anything like it. My fellow Gringo, Len Salazar, and I immediately have double hookups, released shortly. A second flurry resulted in one more hookup for Len on 25 pound test and 45 minutes later he released our third fish, estimated at 130 pounds.

The same day Gringo Stephen Schoppe caught our largest marlin, an estimated 180 pound striper.

Fishing on the La Paz side saw 34 dorado (also mahi-mahi or dolphinfish) for our 3 boats with most of the fish in the 10 pound range and one fish of 22 pounds for Gringo Ron Burgess.

Fishing days 3 and 4 were spent back on the Las Arenas side searching for inshore species. Gringo Joe Bishop caught and released the largest of the three Pez Gallo we caught estimated at 35 kilos, 77 pounds.

Gringo Dave Lester had the only miracle pargo pulled out of the rocks. All the inshore fish were caught using large ladyfish baits caught locally and fished on straight 8/0 hooks. We went 1-for-8 this year on the Pargo but it was our largest to date at 44 pounds.

The marlin were too hard to pass up on the final day and gringo Don Willson and I traveled a whole 15 minutes off shore for another double hookup on 100 and 120 pound marlin that both ate the sardinas fished on 30 pound test and 4/0 hooks.

Jonathan Roldan runs a great operation and other than the major headache with the airlines this year. The Pez Gringos have found a new home. We have officially deemed our new fishing spot "La Pez."

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