Magdalena Bay, Mexico



Jan. 12, 2005, Smokey Stover, Baja California, Mexico, RV Fishing Caravan Update, Magdalena Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

Since having crossed the Mexican border on 29 November, we have traveled about 800 miles south, and about 160 miles on side trips.

Fishing at our first stop filled our freezers with Bonita. Bruce bar-b-cued fish steaks one evening and then smoked quite a few pounds for dinner another night, and gave everyone more smoked fish (yum yum).

Bahia De Los Angeles was our next stop with many Mexican Barracuda being caught the first day. The second day we fished a different area and caught many nice Spotted Bay Bass and a few Triggerfish.

We traveled to Guerrero Negro for shopping, laundry, fuel, ATM, and of course more fish tacos.

The next hop was down to San Lucas Cove, where the wind really blew every day. We toured Santa Rosalia and had fish tacos.

After several days of wind we departed for Loreto where we fueled, shopped, and had fish tacos. Donna saw a lady wearing a T-shirt that said "No more stinking Fish Tacos" and immediately wanted one, just can't understand her feelings! We spent the night at Puerto Escondido, south of Loreto, and just couldn't get a straight answer on the fishing restrictions in the Loreto Marine Reserve.

I didn't want any hassles with authorities so we headed to Ciudad Insurgentes where we introduced everyone to Tortas at Jr's. Airport parking area at Puerto Lopez Mateos on Magdalena Bay was flooded so we stayed on Laguna near "Casa Blanca" building.

Fished at Magdalena Bay, north of town on the first day and south of town in the Mangroves the second day.

Ron said we had become spoiled by catching in Bahia de los Angeles (L.A. Bay) and had to fish in the Mangroves. Bob and Rosalie caught nice Halibut near mangroves.

We fished Lopez Mateos for two days before moving to San Carlos, also on Magdalena Bay. The trip required coordinating passing through Ciudad Insurgentes while Jr's Torta stand was open. We once again camped on beach 20 feet from the water, with beautiful panoramic view of Magdalena Bay.

Starband satellite internet service is not working. We cannot lock onto the satellite, very disappointed in service, but committed to $49 a month. I will be contacting them from an internet cafe.

We spent Christmas in La Paz and New Years in Cabo San Lucas. We just arrived in La Ribera, East Cape, today and hope to stay here a week! Locals say marlin have moved south but dorado are in area. Will find out more tomorrow before going fishing. Sitting on beach in shorts tonight enjoying campfire and stars. The coyotes are starting to howl. We passed the tip of Baja and are now headed north. Hope to spend two more months on trip before crossing to "the other side."

Things have changed so much in Baja. The whole peninsula is up for sale to the highest bidder. Camping/RVing spots are rapidly disappearing. In San Jose del Cabo it is now $35 a day in RV park.

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