Mulege Storm Recovery

Mulege Residents Struggle to Recover
Following Massive Rainfall



PUNTA CHIVATO, MULEGE, MEXICO, EDWARD EPIFANI, SEPTEMBER 24, 2009 -- Fall is here at Punta Chivato and Mulege, and night time temperatures are becoming very pleasant. The weather is still in the 90s during the day, but there is much lower humidity with light to moderate north winds. It should be tolerable very soon.

At Punta Chivato, water has been a little problem, as Guero is not trucking at full speed yet. Trucks are busy getting water to other areas where water systems are still down. This has become a plant watering issue and it is making it difficult for the cleaning teams to get houses in sparkling shape.

Purified water is now available in Mulege and Santa Rosalia. Mulege's is tasting better. Scotties' Candil, Equipales, open so you can get a bite and a beer when you go shopping.

Pharmacies are going. Bombero store is stocked okay. Saul may not reopen. White store on Mulege plaza has a little stuff, but was hit very hard.

It is difficult to get fresh vegetables. You might want to stock up on the way down.

Mulege store owners have a cash flow problem. There is no money to order new inventory. A gringo bought all of Saul's damaged stuff and gave it away to foodless  Mulegenos.

There is no water on the south bank of the river. Gringos are hauling water to clean. El patron miraculously survived. Tim was busily salvaging floating materials to add to his restaurant! He stopped counting at 14 vehicles washed out to sea during the storm. Maybe there will be some good artificial reefs in front of Mulege.

Robin at Mulege Realty is sitting in his roofless office across from Agua 2000, trying to salvage his business. He estimates that fewer than 20 percent of Mulege resident gringos will return, based on inquiries about selling houses.

All in all, friends, we came through pretty well at Punta Chivato. With some exceptions, the damage is easily fixed. Some Punta Chivato houses will need a little more help. Please extend your support and encouragement to these folks, as they are a valued part of our community and we want them to come back.