Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Feb. 27, 2004, Josh Temple, Prime Time Adventures, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Big Tuna Fishing Report:

Fishing at Puerto Vallarta on the Prime Time, the baits were feeding on fliers and Trev sent two multi-rigs out and after missing two good ones managed to get a nice one in and out he went. As soon as the bait was out Trev went into the cabin for something and on the way he mentioned to me that I'd better keep a close eye on the bait because he knew it wasn't going to take long.

ZZZZ...goes the rigger as a fish of massive proportions detonates on the only bait in the water. Trev flies out of the cabin and locks up on the behemoth as Chris struggles into the gear as quickly as he can.

At first we're thinking marlin because as soon as Trev locked up on the fish it just sat there shaking it's enormous head...WHACK...WHACK...WHACK...and then a slow deliberate run off and away from the boat while Chris is doing everything he can to hold on.

The fish steadily peeled a hundred yards of line off and stopped, while rising the whole time towards the surface and we're all set with cameras ready waiting for another near-grander to come catapulting out of the water.

I'm watching an approaching Puerto Vallarta fishing boat out of the corner of my eye when the fish finally realizes it's hooked and takes off on a searing run that caused a 2-foot roostertail of water flying off the line as it sailed toward the horizon.

When the fish didn't stop Trev and I looked at each other and we knew this was no black. This was a Vacona, and a freaking big one.

For over an hour this fish ran and Chris held on with everything he could, working the fish at near-sunset drag and the fish is still holding the reins giving when it wants and taking more than it's giving. We are getting nowhere and it's already over an hour.

Scott took over to finish the job, we hoped. Soon after Scott straps in, we discover a seriously bad fray in the line about 150 feet up from the fish.

We said our prayers and locked up the drag in hopes the fray would hold up long enough to get enough line behind it on the reel.

Sometimes in fishing things just go your way. Against all odds, when the biggest fish of the year is on the line, today was our day at Puerto Vallarta. When Scott finally wrestled the fish to colour Trev and I knew in an instant we had a new season record...WELL OVER 300 POUNDS.

The final 50 feet was the worst as the fish pulled like a bull and literally scared the sh_t out of us. It's all still a little blurry now, but somehow the fish got in the boat and no one got hurt.

We've caught a lot of fish this year at Puerto Vallarta, but this one takes the cake...355 pounds...355 pounds...355 pounds. Some of the biggest tuna of the year are out there right now.

After we landed the fish we went back to the baits and managed a big bull dorado. Then a massive black well over 500 pounds comes catapulting out of the water and spits the bait and the hook.

Sometimes when Cow Town gives you enough. You just have to say, "okay."

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