Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



March 13, 2005, Kurt Hjort, Esperanza Sportfishing, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Report:

Puerto Vallarta fishing this last week has been a little difficult, but when the weather has cooperated, we have been able to catch some fish and the results have been mixed.

Puerto Vallarta had a very strong north wind combined with a large swell in the fishing area, sent to us thanks to the storms off southern California. On Wednesday and Thursday, the wind switched to a southerly and really just blew us back into the protection of the bay for fishing on sierra and jack crevalle.

The fishing weather and seas at Puerto Vallarta should be back to normal in a day or so, and we can get back to serious business. The sailfish and dorados are scattered, and the best bet is to just put in a full fishing day with patience, and the effort could pay off well. Tunas are around the Puerto Vallarta fishing areas, but seem to be on the run with the dolphins. Those that locate the fish are putting some nice catches on board. The Puerto Vallarta charter fishing boats Yolaray, El Amo, among others, and some private boats were able to fish the marginal sea conditions and were very successful all week on the tunas of 40-110 pounds.

In inshore fishing at Puerto Vallarta, the Roosterfish also were not in the usual mood and we found the fishing difficult but did end up with some quality size fish to 40 pounds, but just not in the numbers to give constant action through the day.

Jack crevalle to 20 pounds, are schooled up and are saving the day at times, as we can stop on the trip back to Puerto Vallarta at the end of the day to wear out the arms of the clients if the offshore stuff didn't produce. I expect Puerto Vallarta's fishing to return to a more normal pace here quickly as we have the nice water and lots of bait.

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