Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



March 18, 2005, Josh Temple, Prime Time Adventures, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Report:

The last few days the fish have appeared and the bite at Puerto Vallarta is gaining momentum so Trev and I are shaking the cobwebs off and preparing for another period of Puerto Vallarta fishing pandemonium. You can almost feel the electricity in the air as the fishing goes from a steady pick to all out foamers.

Things are turning around as yesterday we nailed the freakin' tunas BIG TIME...all fish over 100 pounds and biggest was about 160.

One thing's for certain, with the bait fishing back to normal and nearly 200 cabbies twirling in the wells there's going to be a fair amount of chum flying through the air for the next few days, and who knows what that kind of activity will bring.

Big Fish Rob is back and managed to talk us into going fishing on our only day off during a 15 day run.

At the high spot we try for skippies first off but no players so we make the switch over to the cabbies and it doesn't take long.

On the first drift a massive school of fish from 100 to 200? pounds calmly swims through right below the surface in sentry formation. When the kite bait goes into convulsions and a massive eruption sends us into action, Rob straps in and Trev and I are screaming various instructions at him.

After a few tense moments a solid 160 pound fish rattles the deck.

Lines out again and it's apparent real quick we're in the middle of the tuna parade. School after school of mixed grade fish meander by sipping crabs, squid, and cabbies suspended off kites or pitched out on flat lines. GOTCHA!

After 5 solid hours of battling fish Rob is getting worn and it's time to look for some bigger fish. Rob elected to only kill one fish, the first one...a solid 160.

Off to cow town and we manage 3 nice big baits right away. On our second pass Trev screams and a massive boil detonates on one of the rigger baits. Trev dives left and I dive right and we are both literally shaking waiting for our respective reels to start screaming...Nothing...The sunofabitch merely nicked the bait and kept on trucking...but he was there.

That was it from cow town so we headed in to squirt the boat down and grab a quick bite to eat before heading back out for bait.

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