Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



April 1, 2005, Josh Temple, Prime Time Adventures, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Report:

We spent the day fishing inshore today, after yesterday's solid skunking and 130 plus mile ecotour.

With our 2 adult, 3 preteen team, we needed to get into some action and fast, so we pinned the throttles and just as we got up on plane I pulled them back and we were there, less than one mile from the Puerto Vallarta jetties.

Sara scored first with a nice snapper. Next, Jack battled a nice Toro but pulled the hook not 5 feet from the boat. Sam was up next with a nice African pompano, the first ever on the boat.

From then on it was pretty much wide open on pompanos for the next few hours and the kids and dads had a great time cranking on some fantastic fish. Of course the favorite part was whacking the various species over the head with the well-used billy club, and they did a fairly good job of it, managing only two chips out of the cockpit floor and one good solid crack off Shrek's shin.

It was a great day filled with nonstop questions, taunting, bickering, and laughter. The kids opened their eyes to a whole new world and the dads were happy to sit back, drink beer, and let Shrek and I do the lion taming for a while.

When the fishing sucks offshore, a day or two of inshore fishing, even if it's with a boat load of kids, beats grinding it out waaaaay offshore for little or no action.

And now, we are catching nice Tunas and Dorado IN Puerto Vallarta offshore fishing right now...they're baaaaaaaaack!

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