Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



July 15, 2005, Stan Vath, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Tuna Weight Comments:

Puerto Vallarta has the worst bunch of exaggerators on earth. They really need to bring some credibility to their fish weights.

Here is a post on the 500 lb. hoax. This is classic Puerto Vallarta hoopla. We have discussed the Puerto Vallarta weighing problems on other boards fairly extensively. Having been there twice on my own boat and spending over 2 months there last fall we really did get a good feel how things are done in Puerto Vallarta. The bottom line is the Mexican mentality believes that the bigger the fish, the bigger the tip and more bookings. They could care less about the real weight.

However, when we are there, it is common knowledge that we have an IGFA certified Scalemaster Scale and welcome everyone to use it when we are at the dock.

The only taker was Capt. Josh and we weighed 2 YFT over 300 lbs. and several over 200 lbs. It is the opinion of my crew and myself that fish weights are grossly over estimated by 20-50% on a regular basis. While not claiming to be experts we still have over 100 San Diego based Long Range Trips (16-18 days) between us and 80+ Cows (YFT over 200 lb.). Only 1 over 300 lbs., a 356 pounder by “Big Daddy” Don Burnside. Gives one a little perspective. We do believe that many legitimate 300 pounders are caught in Puerto Vallarta and that’s why we are returning this Sept. for 2-3 months. If any of you are down there and want a fish weighed, we would be happy to do so when we are docked at Paradise Village Marina. That yellowfin tuna in question appears to be mid-300s.

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