Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Oct. 21, 2005, Daniel Quinonez, PV Marlin, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Report:

Puerto Vallarta fishing this week has been pretty much consistent. We have off days just like everywhere, but they are pretty rare for October in Puerto Vallarta. We were out fishing six of the past seven days. Roca Corbeteña seems to be the spot, with giant jumping tuna and lurking marlin.

Anglers Eric and Jana Mathis were so excited for their two 12 hour honeymoon fishing trips.

On day one, we headed out of Puerto Vallarta to Corb and, man could this woman fish. Congrats on that one Erik. Ha Ha. Anyway, she landed two nice tuna that were not weighed, but both were in the 120 pound range. Later that day we got one more tuna around 80 pounds or so. Erik also fought a big marlin for a short period before the hook escaped its grip. Bummer.

The fishing next day they actually asked for no more tuna. We went looking for some marlin, sailfish and dorado, and hit a sail and a few decent dorado.

Another notable fishing trip was with Mike Monterrubio and his giant tuna out at El Banco pushing 300 pounds.

On two other 8-hour fishing trips we found many dorado under debris and released several sailfish.

All and all, the fishing at Puerto Vallarta has been pretty good with no complaints on our side. We are good fishermen, but it helps to have fish around.

Marlin are being nailed out there consistently as well, we just kept missing 'em this week. I think we had 2 or 3 on and about 4 or 5 strikes. That is the good thing; you can miss fish during a day and make up for them with the others you get.

Puerto Vallarta fishing weather was great all week until we got some pretty big swells on Friday the 21st that kept most boats in close. We will see what happens in the week to come, though nothing dramatic is expected. Until next time, keep on fishing. The water temperature is 83-85 degrees.

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