Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Nov. 4, 2005, Danny Osuna, Marla's Sportfishing, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Report:

Fishing at Puerto Vallarta on Nov. 1, 2005, Paige Mistretta from Santa Rosa, Calif., caught a 190 pound tuna onboard the Marla II with Capt. Danny Osuna fishing at Roca Corbeteña. The water condition was nice flat ocean with a little northwest wind about 4 knots, with a good water temperature of 85 degrees.

We were slow trolling skipjacks for 3 hours, but no fish looked interested about it. We saw a lot of tunas from 100 pounds to 200-plus pound, and we decided to drift fish using the kite technique. It did work right away. In the first drift we caught this 190 pound yellowfin tuna. After 35 minutes of battle Paige landed this fish but she did not expect to be this big. After our second drift we hooked a bigger fish, but after 5 minutes of battle it was lucky and got away.

Fishing on Nov. 2, 2005, with Capt. Scott Osuna, Taylor Toussaint from New Jersey, and Capt. Alongo Osuna, they caught an 80 pound tuna and 280 pound tuna onboard the Arca de Noe at Roca Corbeteña in Puerto Vallarta waters. The fishing water condition was nice flat ocean with a good water temp, of 85 degrees.

The fish were caught on fly lining live caballito in Roca Corbeteña. After trolling for few hours with live skipjacks, we saw the tunas jumping and feeding like crazy. We decided to make a drift with couple a live caballitos because these fish were feeding on a small bait fish. We had a strike almost right away. They like these caballitos so much, just like a little kid With a bag of candies.

Fishing on Nov. 4, 2005, John Harbour from Winchestor, Calif. caught a 175 pound tuna onboard the Marla 2 with Capt. Danny Osuna fishing at Roca Corbeteña. The water condition was nice flat, no wind, water temp 84 degrees.

This fish took a slow trolled caballito. There were tunas everywhere you looked, but they were feeding on something very small like a little squid, because these fish weren't baiting too good.

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