Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Nov. 19, 2005, Daniel Quinonez, PV Marlin, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Report:

This week fishing in Puerto Vallarta was again decent. We felt a slight dip in the fishing quality perhaps due to the full moon as well as those commercial tuna boats out there.

All in all, the fishing was not too bad for at least billfish. We had 7 days fishing on our charter boat Lorena since the last report.

Captain Felipe and his crew are tired, but they have the passion for fishing as well.

We went on only one trip out to El Banco with Rene again from last week and again not too much luck out there. We hooked what was most likely a giant tuna on the downrigger on a huge skippy but it came off after a first initial run of about 5 minutes. Then we got a sailfish on smaller bait and another dorado and that was it. Another slow fishing day for an El Banco trip but that happens.

We went on an 8 hour fishing trip with Rob Cox and got too nice wahoo, one 55 pounds and one close to 70, by El Moro, and a sailfish.

Then with Peg Bermal and her husband we decided to head south on an 8 hour out by Cabo Corrientes where we found 2 sailfish and a marlin.

Then fishing again south with Matt Carter, he landed and decided to keep a decent marlin as well as a decent size dorado.

Another trip the day before the tournament we squeezed in a 4 hour trip in the morning with Jason Billups. The first thing south out by El Faro we nailed a nice big sailfish, about 50 kilos. Always the day before the tournament.

Then the tournament began with big Mike Monterrubio back in action with us. The first day, Thursday, we, as well as most all Puerto Vallarta fishing boats, had a slow day. We fished all day and got one sailfish that placed for that day of the 286 or so boat tourney.

Then on day 2 with Big Mike we had a more productive day, but nothing big. We landed 2 sailfish and 2 dorado but all fairly small. We still have one more day and we are heading out for some big tuna and marlin because that category has been very slow.

This week was rare for us in the fact that we were tunaless. Usually we target the big tuna but for some reason all but one trip was 6-8 hours and one only 4. That makes it tough to head out after those guys, especially when they are a bit slow like they were for most Puerto Vallarta sportfishing fleets here and very slow thus far in the tournament so we really didn't target them except for one day.

In any case I hope to report on our tournament winnings next week, maybe tuna or marlin. Puerto Vallarta fishing water temperature depending on the location remains between 81-84 degrees with nice weather all round.

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