Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Dec. 26, 2006, Josh Temple, Prime Time Adventures, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico:

While Puerto Vallarta fishing water conditions are slightly green, the action has definitely not slowed down out there. There are acres and acres of boiling yellowfin tunas from 100 to 300 pounds that are devouring just about every bait that hits the water.

Puerto Vallarta sportfishing boats that know what they are doing are averaging 10 fish per day out there, most of them tipping the scales at over 150 pounds. Hopefully, more boats will adopt a more viable catch-and-release mentality before too many fish get killed unnecessarily. I have seen some huge numbers of fish killed this past month. While I am sure none of it is going to waste, I do want to ensure that we have this fantastic fishery for time immemorial.

Water temperatures off Puerto Vallarta took a dip with the blustery northwest winds that came through over Christmas, and water temperatures are now hovering at around 80 degrees.

Live bait is a little tougher to catch in the off color water but when you get them, look out, because a big tuna is not far away.

Capt. Andy Mezirow from Seward Alaska, Steve Danziger from Los Angeles, and Tim Steeves and Joe Winkelman, also from California, all enjoyed spectacular days on the water while fishing with Prime Time Adventures this week, as each of them caught countless giant tunas up to 290 pounds. All of these lucky anglers also released several fish up to 275 pounds and did their part to ensure we've got tunas when they come back next year.

Puerto Vallarta sportfishing captains Manny and Tony Ocaranza, Juan Moll, Aldo "Lora" Vasquez, and I all enjoyed epic catch numbers this past week. We are all looking forward to tomorrow when we get to do it all over again. Happy holidays to the Western Outdoor News readers and good luck in your next adventure!

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