Rocky Point, Mexico



Aug. 29, 2005, Arthur Pina, Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

This weekend started off with record heat and humidity. I was fished with Jon Kay of Tiburon Charters.

I arrived in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) on Friday the 26th and it was too late to go fishing. We decided that we would go out early Saturday.

We then had some great chow at the Black Dog and went to bed.

At 4:00 A.M. we all got up made some coffee and headed to the Marina. We had rigged up all the reels and rods with an assortment of different trolling lures. We left at 4:30 and were out of the harbour with a stiff wind from the south, 2 to 3 foot chop, nothing major.

We were on a 185 heading and at 16 mile reef we stopped to catch some bait. Using sabiki rigs we started catching sierras, greenbacks nowhere to be found. By that time the wind had picked up and was blowing around 25 to 30 knots, not a good thing if you are going 65 miles out.

We took a vote and all agreed to head back to Rocky Point, just in time I might say. It really started blowing hard and did not stop all day long.

The next day we decided to try fishing again, not as early as before. At 8:30 we left the Rocky Point marina with no wind at all and just some long rollers.

We then continued with our plans of trolling. That's a good plan when its too hot to stop and bottom fish. Jon laid out a beautiful spread and within a few minutes we caught our first skipjack about 25 miles out a 185 degree heading.

After a few more minutes the right outrigger went off and we saw a dorado flying out of the water and the fight was on. After a few minutes we landed a nice 10 pound mahi-mahi that was kept for dinner.

We continued catching skipjack on light tackle and it was a blast. We had already covered more than 35 miles so we decided to bottom fish. Jon took me to a grouper hole he knows and within minutes I had caught a 35 pound grouper. We were using grunts we had caught the day before. The fishing water temperature was about 88 degrees. All in all, we came back from fishing with 3 nice grouper, all about the same weight. That's some good eating. Again a wonderful time with friends and the beautiful sea of Cortez, just a little hot and humid.

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