San Felipe, Mexico



Jan. 29, 2005, Jim Wills, Papa Fernandez, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Lost Boat Recovery Report:

I am the fellow who had his boat blow off at Papa Fernandez earlier this month. I would like to give thanks to Doug Magee for all of the assistance in the recovery of my boat. Without their interpreting and assistance in communicating with the network of fisherman I would have never recovered the boat and motors.

The loss of several thousand dollars in Rods, Reels, Fish finder, and a huge box of tackle is a bitter pill but I am very thankful for the return of my 15-foot 4-inch Gregor Baja/Alaskan and 25 h.p. Mercury and trolling motor and three of the four seats.

With the limited ability to communicate with the natives, the story is a little unclear. As far as we could tell, the boat may have swamped but never capsized. I had put a temporary plug in, as the plug had came off its chain during the travels from northern California. The rod holders were intact but the rods that were secured in them were gone. The anchor rope had been connected on the hull of the boat and on a hook inside the boat. No rope or anchor. The battery in the front of the boat was in a secure box with a 2-inch hold down strap secured to the deck. The battery terminal ends were still on the cables and there was no sign of stress on the wiring harness. The leads had been unscrewed. There were a total of 6 Rods and Reels on board. The motor had no sign of water in it, and started on the first pull. I must say I felt that it was a gift from God to have it returned.

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