San Felipe, Mexico



Feb. 13, 2005, Catalina Meders, Title Company Bookstore, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico:

Hola everyone, from sunny San Felipe, which only became sunny yesterday. San Felipe has had so much rain and fog lately, and hardly anybody in town as a result of it. Folks were starting to get grumpy. What a great feeling to open the curtains to sunshine yesterday morning, and this morning too, although we had a light drizzle late yesterday afternoon. This morning the thermometer tells me it is 68 degrees on the balcony, the humidity is about 45% and the water is 63 degrees. The sky over San Felipe is pale blue with a few wispy clouds here and there.

The El Cortez hotel hosted a Paella and wine tasting festival on Saturday to celebrate San Felipe's 80th anniversary, and fortunately the weather cleared up beautifully so people were able to enjoy the view of the Mar de Cortez as well as the food and dancers--a great success!

I made the acquaintance of "Papa Neutrino" a most fascinating individual who has made quite a career of sailing homemade "rafts" across great distances (i.e. the Atlantic Ocean). He is planning on sailing his latest raft from San Felipe down the sea of Cortez and further, possibly all the way to Peru. If you go to you can find a whole slew of info and pictures about David Pearlman (Papa) and the various rafts and ventures, all extremely interesting. Hopefully we'll get to witness the launching of the raft. It should be a fascinating endeavor. We'll keep you posted. Hopefully we'll have a picture of it too.

Lots of people walking on the beach at San Felipe this morning. The tide is quite far out and the bay is blue and at it's sparkling best. Until next week, vaya con Dios from the book store by the bay.

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